Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fruit Facial

Fruit Facial is kind of nourishment to those people skin whose skin are very sensitive.They want natural fruits to be applied on their face to give their face more natural look rathar than usage of artifical creams.
                        Fresh Milk as a cleanser
                        Lemon Juice
                        Orange Slices as exfoliator
                        Banana as a massage cream
                        Papaya as a double action cream
                        Alovera Gel
  • First step is that soak a cotton in milk mixed with 3 drops of lemon juice and apply it all over face for 2 to 3 mins and gently rub it.It will remove all the dust particles in your skin.
  • Take banana and mash it then apply on face and start massaging on face for 15 mins.Then clean it away with a wet sponge.
  • After this leave your skin for 2 mins and then mash papaya and apply it on face and do gentle massage of 5 mins.
  • Now your skin is ready for exfoliation take orange slices and gently rub on face until it dries and then clean it away by rubbing your face gently.
  •  For toning and tightening skin apply aloe vera gel all over your face and wait until it dries.When it dries wash off your face.


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