Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Made Wax

The wax you buy from market is quiet expensive. I am giving you the procedure of making wax at home it is very easy you can make it at home and it will give you better results. Only three ingredients are required to make wax sugar, water and lemon.
Take ingredients in quantity as follows you can change the quantity according to the quantity of wax you want to made
Sugar 1/4kg
Lemon 4 to 6
Water 1/2 cup
Pour water in a steel bowl and add sugar and lemons in it.Make it on a very slow heat and stir it with a wooden spoon.When it turns light brown take it out and check whether it melts or not if it is hard and doesn't melts down then it means the wax is ready.
It is a very good wax you can keep it as long you want and use it by heating it for 30 to 40 seconds in microwave oven or in wax heating machine.

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