Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Makeup Tips

In summer usually makeup don't lasts for long time so its a big issue here are some tips which will helps in staying makeup for long time in summer season.
  • First of all wash your face with cold water and let it dry.
  • Before doing Makeup rub ice on face for 2 mins and then let it dry.
  • Then apply a vanishing cream like fair n lovely over face and then start the makeup but if you have an oily skin then don't use any cream and straight away start with applying moisturizing base.
  • For oily skin use matte mousse as a base it will give a natural look.
  • For oily skin if your base is less moisturizing add a pinch of cream you are using daily on face in your base and then apply it on face it will give you a soft touch.

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