Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eye Liner

Liner gives a dramatic look to eyes it shapes the eyes.There are two types of eye liners
Cake liner or matte liner
Dip liner or wet liner
There are techniques to apply them both which are given below
For Cake Liner
  • This liner is applied through brush.First dip a brush in 2 to 3 drops of water and then take liner on this brush.
  • Then apply it on eye according to your eye shape.
  • For almond shaped eyes thick line of liner is suitable,for less broader eyes thin line of liner is suitable
  • Liner is basically enhances the shape of your eyes.For Asian skin tone black liner is good and for western skin tone colored liner can be looked good as well.
  • On the edges the line will be thin while in the center it will be little bit thicker.
  • An 80's century touch or eastern touch can be given by giving liner upward curve on outer corner of the eye.
For Dip Liner
  • This type of liner has it's own brush.
  • The application method is same as of cake liner.
  • On the edge it will be thin and in center it will be thick.
  • The liner brush should be hold from the bottom end for the application of smooth line.

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