Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blow Drying

Blow dry gives your hair a neat and beautiful look.The things required for blow drying are
Hair Dryer
Round Brush
Tale Comb
Hair Spray or Gel
Hair Separators or Separating Clutches
  • First of all shampoo your hair and then condition your hair with conditioner.
  • Apply gel or hair spray in wet hair.
  • Then divide your hair in four parts with the help of tail comb back ,front, left and right and clutch them up with clutchers.
  • Now take off clutcher from the back side and with round brush roll hair around brush in your desired direction outward or inward then take dryer one feet away from hair and get them full dry with dryer and then hold it for 1 min and then take off brush slowly.
  • Now clutch off front hair and roll them with round brush and let them dry with dryer and take off brush slowly.
  • Same is the procedure you have to do with left and right side of hair and give direction according to your own desire.
  • Then in the end brush with hair and give them the style you want.

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