Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair Bleaching

Hair bleaching is the initial step of hair coloring because if you want to highlight your hair with color or want to do streaking you have to do bleaching first to cut down the natural color of your hair.Here are some guidelines to do hair bleaching
  • First of all mix hair bleach in developer.
  • Then divide your hair with tail comb or take parts for highlighting a specific portion of your hair.
  • Apply bleach with brush on that parts and always start bleaching hair from back side and then come to front side.
  • Don't apply bleach into the roots of hair it will damage your hair.Apply it by leaving a gap of an inch from the roots.
  • After applying bleach leave it for 5 mins and then brush that specific area in case of highlighting and in case of streaking whole hairs.
  • Bleach always changes the color the first shade which brings through bleaching is copper.If you want to color in the range of copper color then immediately wash off your head with shampoo.
  • In second stage golden color appears and if you want to apply golden shade then wash it off.
  • The last stage gives light or creme shade and if you want to color them with light shade take your hair to last step and then wash it off.
  • After bleaching wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner on them.
  • Bleaching weakens hair so use pre bleaching spray before bleaching or pre bleaching conditioner