Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for hair growth and every style suits on your hair if they are healthy and strong.Because intake of vitamins nourishes your hair.There are some vitamins which are required in daily routine.As your body needs diet your hair also needs a nutritious diet.
  • In your diet include fish in winter because it is very good or hair.You can egg thrice a week and if it suits you,it can be taken on daily basis.Chicken,cheese and milk are also very nutritious diets which should be included in your routine to make your hair healthy.
  • Vitamin B complex strengthens the tubes of hair so avoid using excess of sugar and caffeine.Vitamin B complex is present in bananas,almonds,grapes,tomatoes,green vegetables,potatoes etc
  • For blood circulation in your head vitamin E is very necessary and it is usually present in dry fruits.
  • Vitamin C rejuvenates your hair growth tissues.It is also increases blood flow and circulation and it is usually present in citrus fruits and vegetables like orange and lemon respectively

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