Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair Streaking

Streaking is coloring of hair according to your desire some people like golden shades some like brown shades.You can use any color you like but there is a certain procedure of doing it and certain thing required for doing it.It gives trendy look to your hairs and thus nourishes your beauty.The things required for streaking are
Tail Comb
Streaking Cap or foil paper
A long pin
Shower Cap
Color along with developer
  • First of all shampoo your hair and let them dry.
  • After drying brush your hair.
  • Put streaking cap on your head there are pores in it put your hairs out of these pores starting from top to bottom.
  • Take out hair by leaving the gap of one or two holes.For this purpose you can use a long pin.
  • Take out hair through in gently.
  • When you have taken out all the hair through cap holes brush them gently.
  • Then apply hair bleach on it and again brush it and wear shower cap on it.
  • Check on regular intervals and when you got the desired results wash them off with fresh water and shampoo.
  • Don't put off streaking cap and wash the bleached hair wearing this cap.
  • Then apply your desired color on the bleached hair.
  • Wear shower cap on your head and after 40 to 45 mins put off streaking cap and shower cap.
  • Wash off hear with shampoo and then apply conditioner on hair.
  • Now after streaking you can do blow drying for getting a beautiful look

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